Mirage Vista

  • One Snap Elbow allows the mask to remain in place while detaching the tubing, it swivels 360° to minimize leak and reduce headgear tension.
  • Set & Forget Headgear comes preassembled, and once fit, it stays fit.
  • Quick Connect Cushion eliminates the need for a cushion clip and simplifies reassembly.
  • Mirage cushion technology provides optimal comfort and stability.
  • Fit Angle Selector allows precise fitting with five symmetrical positions and twenty asymmetrical positions for greater stability and best possible fit.
  • Quick-release headgear clips allow mask removal without headgear adjustment.
  • Breath-O-Prene™ headgear draws moisture away from skin and allows air to circulate.
  • New headgear design eliminates forehead support and allows users to wear eyeglasses
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