Adapting to Therapy

One of the most common types of therapy for obstructive sleep apnea is Positive Airway Pressure therapy (PAP). Simple in its concept, the PAP device sends a gentle, steady stream of air through the nose and into the back of the pharyngeal cavity. The pressure delivered by the device prevents the collapse and blockage of the tracheal wall and soft palate thereby maintaining a patent airway.

Without proper guidance and encouragement, patients can easily become overwhelmed, even frustrated, ultimately resulting in poor compliance. Because various published studies have indicated that the first month of PAP usage is crucial to compliance, Comfort Sleep Services has developed a unique management program. The program offers intensive patient counseling and education, monitoring for problems and compliance and follow-up. Our specially trained PAP counselors work with the patient throughout the entire process. Our counselors ensure the highest possible compliance by monitoring the patient’s progress through our wireless data platform and patient coaching sessions both in person and over the phone. Progress reports are sent to the ordering physician to keep them informed while ensuring that the patients understand the importance of therapy.

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