Equipment Care & Maintenance

Ensuring that your equipment is properly cared and maintained is an important part of ensuring that you are receiving the best possibly therapy.

Care & Maintenance Checklist:

  • Check your filter weekly (Some Devices have two filters, a disposable & non-disposable filter)
    • If the filters are clogged or discolored it may be time to replace the filter. If it is a non-disposable filter, it can be cleaned with soap and water and allow to dry before starting therapy.
  • Check your tubing weekly
    • If the tubing is cracked, discolored, or dirty it may be time to replace it. As a routine, tubing should be rinsed with water allowing it to fully dry before starting therapy.
  • Cleaning the PAP device
    • The surface area of the pap machine can be cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. Do not use excess water on the unit when cleaning.
  • Cleaning your PAP mask
    • Your mask should be cleaned on a daily basis. A wet cloth or baby wipe can be used to clean the mask. Avoid using products that contain a moisturizer or active chemical ingredient.
  • Cleaning your humidifier chamber
    • The humidifier water chamber should be refilled with distilled water on a nightly basis. The chamber can be cleaned with a mild white vinegar solution mixed with water.
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