Supply Replacement

Comfort Sleep Services ensures that you receive the necessary supplies to remain compliant and comfortable while on pap therapy. Our highly trained specialists work with you every step of the way, from supply management to your new equipment needs. We keep track of the details so you can focus on your health.

Our supply management program allows you to receive the necessary supplies shipped directly to you to help you remain safe and healthy in your home.

It’s important to replace your mask and supplies on a regular basis so you can receive the most comfortable, effective and hygienic sleep therapy possible. Your mask is affected by use, oils from your skin and cleaning.

Even with regular maintenance:

  • Your headgear, cushion or pillows may deteriorate.
  • Tubing and humidifier water chamber may tear or crack.
  • The air filter, a critical part of your therapy, can wear out.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the best therapy possible is to replace your equipment on a regular basis. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of replacing your mask, headgear, cushion, tubing, water chamber and air filters.


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