Solutions To Common PAP Therapy Questions

Q. When should I start feeling better after beginning my therapy?

A. Most patients start feeling better within 2 to 4 weeks, however noticing improvements in your quality of life may take some time.

Q. What happens if I gain or lose weight after beginning therapy, will my therapy need to be adjusted?

A. If symptoms of OSA reappear, or you feel that a significant change in weight has occurred contact your doctor to evaluate you to determine if any adjustments in therapy need to be made.

Q. Can I travel with pap device?

A. Yes, it is important to maintain a consistent use of your therapy. Most airlines will allow you to carry on your pap machine. Check with your airline first to determine if any special documentation needs to be provided. Most devices are FAA approved.

Q. How do I know if my mask is fitted correctly or is leaking air?

A. If your mask is not properly fitted; you may experience an increase in the amount leak that occurs. It is normal to have some leaking of air around the tubing connection. If you experience a leak of air around your eyes or mouth, please do the following:

  • Check all connections to be sure they are secure
  • If your mask has a forehead adjustment, make sure the mask is sitting well
  • Check your headgear straps to ensure the mask is fitted correctly. You can use a mirror to check and see if the mask is proportionally positioned. DO NOT over tighten the mask. A mask should be worn so that you are comfortable while creating the necessary seal of air. A mask that is over tightened may cause leaks by creating folds for air to escape. If you have any additional questions on mask fitting, please do not hesitate to contact one of our sleep specialists.

Q. Is it normal for my nose and throat to be dry following therapy?

A. If you are wearing a nasal only mask, you may be breathing out of your mouth during the night. Contact one of sleep specialists to discuss if adding a chin strap may be the right solution for you. If you are wearing a full face mask, try adjusting the humidity on the pap device to a higher level. Using a saline spray for your nose may improve the problem as well.

Q. Is it normal to experience skin irritations or have marks on my face?

A. If you are experiencing any skin related issues please contact one of our sleep specialists to determine the cause.

Q. Why am I having so much trouble adjusting to my pap therapy?

A. Using a pap device is not easy for everyone to adjust to from the first night. It may take some time to acclimate to the therapy. It is important to keep attempting at using the therapy on a nightly basis regardless if you find yourself having to stop therapy during the night. Here are a few tips for helping to adjust with therapy:

  • It may help by practicing to wearing just the pap mask for short periods of time while your awake
  • After your have become more comfortable with the mask, try wearing the mask with the pap device on so that you can become adjusted to the air pressure while awake
  • Through a consistent approach to therapy overtime you will find yourself accepting using the pap therapy when sleeping
  • The biggest challenge to adjusting to therapy will be you. If you are inconsistent with using the device, your adjustment period will never end. Feel free to call and speak with one our sleep specialists for more advice on adjusting to therapy.
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